Moshi Day Trip

Moshi is a Tanzanian municipality with a population of 184,292 according to the 2012 census.

The municipality is in the Kilimanjaro Region and is situated on the lower slopes of  Mount Kilimanjaro,a dormant volcano that is the highest mountain in Africa. The municipality covers about 59 square kilometres (23 sq mi) and is the smallest municipality in Tanzania by area.

Many people from the Chagga and Pare ethnic groups lives in Moshi, which lies on the east-west

A23 Arusha-Himo road connecting Arusha and  Voi Kenya, Just to the east of Moshi is the intersection with the B1 north–south road eventually connecting with Tanga and Dar es Salaam.

Moshi is always considered the cleanest town in Tanzania

Moshi is an idyllic small town on the footsteps of the mighty Kilimanjaro. At an altitude of 800m, nestled between rice and banana fields and endless green mountain slopes, it is the ideal starting point for climbing Kilimanjaro. But even if summiting Kilimanjaro is not on your bucket list, Moshi is well worth a visit.

Whether you want to dive into the bustling markets or people watch from one of the many street cafés, the city thrills visitors with its charm and friendliness of people. Home to the business minded Chagga people, Moshi offers travellers a variety of day trips into the surroundings.

The outback holds a variety of hikes through the magical nature along breathtaking waterfalls and unique valley views. Those who are still somewhat timidly about the complete Kilimanjaro climb can embark on a day trip to Kilimanjaro National Park.

Culture lovers will find treat in one of the nearby Maasai villages or with the guardians of Kilimanjaro, the Chagga people, on their coffee farms. Whereas tranquility and relaxation awaits you at Lake Chala or the Chemka Hot Springs.

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