About Us

We are a Sustainable Travel Company in Tanzania; our focus is on organizing tours responsible and ethical for all responsible travelers worldwide. 

We specialize in Ethical Mountain Kilimanjaro Climbs, Wildlife Safari, Cultural Tours, Zanzibar Tours and Beach Holiday in Tanzania.

Eco-Africa Climbing is making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit; we offer ethical climbs and safaris to all responsible travelers. We care about our Porters, who are the ones who make Kilimanjaro tours possible for the vast majority of climbers and who do all the heavy lifting. Fair and ethical treatment of our porters (crew) is one of the important priorities of Eco-Africa Climbing when we do climb.

We are proud to be a Partner of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). All our climbs are monitored and audited by KPAP.

With a regional office in Kilimanjaro, Eco-Africa Climbing is unique in the travel business in that local experts manage the company, drawing on substantial travel industry experience and savvy know-how while being located in the country.

Our dream is to satisfy our guests in unforgotten adventurous experiences with us participating in community development, cultural tourism, and conservation projects.

Our Vision

To be the leading Sustainable Travel Company in Tanzania.

Our Mission

  • Our itineraries include nature and community adventures that positively impact the nature of the human community. We make sure all our tours operation done in Tanzania conserve Nature, Environment, and culture. Every tour our customer does, we offer the Carbon.
  • Our Company built with ethical and responsible practices, as we make sure all our tours are ethical and follow the responsible practices by enabling and improving good working conditions for all our workers and making sure they all benefit from Tourism.
  • We aspire to support the cultural ethics of the community while simultaneously assisting the community in embracing change. We make sure all our tours to the community conserve their culture. Also, We share the profit with our community by supporting local projects to make sure the community benefits from Tourism.

What does Sustainability mean to Eco-Africa Climbing?

  • We focus on organizing responsible and ethical tours that make places better for people to both live in and visit. Our dream is to combine community development with cultural tourism and conservation. We believe that the tourism industry has an obligation and a great opportunity to protect the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites, and communities.
  •  We are a member of Carbon Offsetting Tanzania, and for every climbing trip done with us, we offset the carbon impact, and travelers will receive their carbon offset certificate. We provide Leave No Trace Tanzania training to our workers and donate some of our profits to planting trees in Moshi.
  •  Our Company has created employment opportunities for more than 700 locals (porters, guides, chefs), which helps with Tanzania’s unemployment problem.
  •  We do not believe in “cheap Kilimanjaro climbs.” Our prices reflect fair and ethical wages for all. We do not exploit any of our Mountain Crew (porters, guides, and chefs), without whom our climbs would not be possible. To ensure this, we are a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), which requires that our Mountain Crew are paid fair wages, receive proper equipment and sleeping conditions, and are fed well. KPAP audits our climbs raises public awareness of fair treatment of porters. We also collaborate with KPAP to provide financial education to our Mountain Crew about saving, spending, and investing their money.
  •  We do not indulge in animal slavery, cruelty, or luring through bait during the wildlife experiences.
  •  We share the profit with our community to ensure they benefit from the tourism revenue (for example, we support disabled children and help fund schools.)
  •  For every client we take to Mountain Kilimanjaro, we ensure one child in Moshi gets health insurance for one year.
  •  Our clients stay at hotels that use or are trying to use renewable energy and eco-friendly cleaning products. We also stay in tents during the climb.