Eco-Africa Climbing is Local Sustainable Travel Company in Tanzania specializing in Ethical Mountain Kilimanjaro Climbing, Wildlife Safari, Volunteerism Safari, and Beach Holiday in Tanzania.

With regional offices in Kilimanjaro, Eco-Africa Climbing is quite unique in the travel business in that the company is managed by local experts, drawing on substantial travel industry experience and savvy know-how whilst being located in the country.

Our dream is to satisfy our guests in unforgotten adventurous experience with us-participation from community development, cultural tourism, and conservation project.

Also, we aspire to support the cultural ethics of community while simultaneously assisting the community to embrace change. Our itineraries include nature and community adventures which positively impact the nature or human community.


Eco-Africa Climbing is dedicated to sharing the beauty and wonder that our country has to offer to the world, our team is a multicultural, multilingual family who are passionate about Africa’s wildlife, culture, and natural beauty. We live and breathe the Tanzanian experience, and we’re here to bring that experience to the world.

The lodges and camps we are using to accommodate our clients are Eco-friendly. Nevertheless traveling with us you enable us to support eco-friendly camps, lodges, projects and local people. We believe we can make a small contribution to our environment and also to local people and local projects but meaningful to the world surround us.

ALLOW US TO BE PART OF YOUR AFRICA EXPERIENCE It can be Wildlife Safari, Volunteerism Safari, Ethical Mountain Trekking, Walking Safari and Beach Holiday in Tanzania.