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Climbing  Challenge For Charity in Mountain Kilimanjaro  aiming to help a local charity to us running multiple private climbs for national and international charities. While of course many of our climbers will climb Kilimanjaro with us without our necessarily knowing that they are raising money for charity while they climb.

We highly recommend anyone thinking of doing a corporate challenge event or personal adventure to consider a charity option. When you decide to climb for charity, Eco-Africa Climbing will donate 10% of the total price of the tour to your charity of choice. We are very experienced with charity climbs and will do our best to make the journey as unforgettable as possible!

Eco-Africa Climbing recommends people to use charity donation platforms like Just-Giving. By using that platform you will be able to setup a fundraising page on a charity platform, you will be able to collect and raise money for your chosen charity by promoting your challenge to friends, family and colleagues or you can use any charity platform of your choice.

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At Eco-Africa Climbing we have lots of experience of working with schools and universities to design an appropriate challenge for your students. Our tours are designed to give students the opportunity to experience and learn about the destination you choose and support the appropriate curriculum and learning requirements.

All tours are led by our own experienced, directly employed English speaking local group leaders, giving a unique insight into an area’s culture, customs, traditions and heritage.

With school challenges in particular we provide teachers, parents and participating children with sufficiently detailed information to keep everyone informed and if required meet with you to assist with the project planning.

On our school and university challenges we aim to motivate, engage, inspire and educate every member of every group.                                                         

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Eco-Africa Climbing corporate  Climbing challenges provide a fantastically effective mechanism to bring together employers, employees and clients in an interesting, fun and immensely fulfilling way!

An inspiring challenge is highly motivating for all those involved across the business, strengthening relationships, and creating an environment where high performance team work is the norm.

Going that one step further and focusing your challenge by using its unique attributes to raise funds for your chosen charity or local community project adds another dimension to the activity that brings your Corporate Social Responsibility to life through action, benefitting those less fortunate around you.

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