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Moshi, Tanzania is a bustling town located at the foot of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a popular destination for visitors who want to explore the natural beauty of the region, and there are many day trips available that provide an opportunity to do just that. Whether you want to hike the mountain, visit a village, or see some of the area’s wildlife, there is something for everyone, we’ll take a closer look at some of the day trips offered from Moshi.

The day trips offered from Moshi are an excellent way to experience the beauty of Tanzania and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mountain Kilimanjaro Day Hike:

If you’re visiting Moshi, Tanzania, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro is likely at the top of your list. While many people undertake multi-day treks to reach the summit, it is also possible to do a day hike. A day hike on Kilimanjaro will take you through stunning landscapes, from lush rainforests to high-altitude moorland. You’ll also have the chance to see some of the area’s unique flora and fauna. Keep in mind that while a day hike doesn’t require as much time or preparation as a multi-day trek, it is still a strenuous activity that requires a good level of fitness.


Marangu Village with Bike Tour:

Marangu is a village located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is known for its coffee plantations, waterfalls, and traditional Chagga culture. A day trip to Marangu includes a bike tour of the village and surrounding areas. You’ll get to see the stunning landscapes up close and learn about the local culture from your guide. The tour also includes a visit to a coffee plantation, where you can see the process of coffee production and sample some of the local brew.


Marangu Village without Bike Tour:

If you prefer not to bike, you can still visit Marangu village on a day trip. This tour includes a guided walk through the village and surrounding areas. You’ll learn about the local culture, including traditional Chagga houses and lifestyles. The tour also includes a visit to a coffee plantation, where you can see the process of coffee production and sample some of the local brew.


Chemka Hotspring At Rundugai Area :

Chemka Hotspring is a natural spring located in the Rundugai area, about 50 km from Moshi. The crystal-clear water is a stunning shade of blue and is perfect for swimming. The surrounding landscape is also beautiful, with lush vegetation and towering cliffs. A day trip to Chemka Hotspring includes transportation from Moshi, a guided walk through the surrounding area, and time to swim in the refreshing water.


Arusha National Park Day Trip:

Arusha National Park is located about 2 hours from Moshi and is home to a variety of wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, and baboons. It is also home to Mount Meru, the fifth-highest mountain in Africa. A day trip to Arusha National Park includes transportation from Moshi, a guided game drive through the park, and a visit to the Momella Lakes, a series of seven shallow lakes that are home to a variety of birdlife.


Tarangire National Park Day Trip:

Tarangire National Park is located about 3 hours from Moshi and is known for its large herds of elephants, baobab trees, and stunning landscapes. A day trip to Tarangire National Park includes transportation from Moshi, a guided game drive through the park, and a picnic lunch in the park.


Ngorongoro Crater Day Trip:

One of the most popular day trips from Moshi is the Ngorongoro Crater Day Trip. This massive crater is the world’s largest inactive and unbroken volcanic caldera and is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including elephants, lions, and black rhinos. The day trip starts early in the morning, and visitors will be able to spend the entire day exploring the crater, taking in the breathtaking views, and observing the incredible wildlife.


Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour:

The Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour is another popular day trip from Moshi. Visitors will begin the day by taking a short hike to the Materuni Waterfall, where they can swim in the crystal clear waters and take in the stunning natural scenery. Afterward, visitors will head to a local coffee plantation, where they can learn about the coffee-making process and sample some of the delicious local coffee.


Materuni Waterfall:

For those looking for a shorter and more leisurely day trip, the Materuni Waterfall is an excellent option. This stunning waterfall is located just a short distance from Moshi and can be reached by a relatively easy hike. Visitors can take a dip in the refreshing waters and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.


Moshi Bike Tour:

For those who prefer a more active day trip, the Moshi Bike Tour is an excellent choice. Visitors will explore the stunning countryside around Moshi by bike, taking in the beautiful views and getting some exercise at the same time. The tour can be customized to fit the interests and skill levels of the participants, and visitors can stop at local villages and markets along the way.


Lake Chala Day Trip:

The Lake Chala Day Trip is another popular option for those looking to get out and explore the natural beauty of the area. Visitors will take a short drive to Lake Chala, a stunning crater lake located on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Visitors can swim in the crystal clear waters, take a hike around the lake, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Price for the Day Trips Above

Name of excursion

Price Per Person

1 person travel alone

2- 12 people travel together

Mountain Kilimanjaro Day Hike



Marangu Village with Bike Tour



Marangu Village without Bike Tour



Chemka Hotspring At Rundugai Area



Arusha National Park Day Trip



Tarangire National Park Day Trip



Ngorongoro Crater  Day Trip



Materuni  Waterfall & Coffee tour



Materuni  Waterfall



Moshi Bike Tour



Lake Chala Day Trip




  • Our day trip tours include a professional English speaking guide for the Mountain Kilimanjaro hike, as well as a safari guide for day trip safaris and all other excursions. Our guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and will provide you with fascinating insights into the history, culture, and natural environment of the areas you visit.

  • Transport to the excursions starts from Moshi and returns to Moshi, so you don’t have to worry about transportation arrangements.

  • We provide bikes for each person involved in the tour during the Marangu Bike Tour, and an escort car accompanies the group for added safety and convenience.

  • We know that staying hydrated and nourished is essential for an enjoyable day out,that’s why we provide water and lunch on all excursions you will do, as well as a 1.5l bottle of water for each person.

  • We also take care of village fees and park entry fees for during the excursion, so you can focus on having fun and making memories.

  • When you visit Marangu and Materuni, you will have the opportunity to taste banana wine, a locally made beer that is a popular and unique experience.

  • And for the safari day trip, we offer private game drives in a well-maintained 4WD Land Cruiser with a photographic roof hat,this allows for incredible views of the wildlife and landscape, and you will be able to capture amazing photos and videos to share with your friends and family back home.

When you book one of our day trips, you can expect a comprehensive and fully inclusive experience. We take care of everything, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy the journey.




  • Personal items: You will need to bring your own personal items, such as sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Gratuities/tips for the driver and guide: While it is common to tip your driver and guide at the end of the tour, this is not typically included in the price of the tour.

  • Accommodation in Moshi or Arusha: If you are planning to spend the night in Moshi or Arusha, you will need to book your own accommodation separately.

  • Airport transfer: If you need a transfer to or from the airport, this will typically need to be arranged separately.

  • Soda & alcoholic beverages at lunch: While some tours may include lunch, soda and alcoholic beverages are usually not included in the price. If you want to have a drink with your meal, you will need to pay for it separately.