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What does Sustainability mean to Eco-Africa Climbing?

Eco-Africa Climbing is committed to making a positive impact on three pillars of Sustainability which are 

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Environmental

Economic sustainability

We are dedicated to improving the economic well being of our local people, the community around and for our workers by developing protocols and practices which make the community benefit from Tourism.

  • We are not doing the cheap climb, cheap climb means we all get profit as the company only and exploit our Mountain crew.
  • We pay our Mountain Crew the recommend salary as Recommended by KPAP and Minister of Tourism and Resource.
    Lead Guide paid 40000 Tsh per day
    Cook paid 30000 Tsh per day
    Porter paid 20000 Tsh per day
    We are among the few Kilimanjaro operator which pay our Mountain crew good compensation compare to other Kilimanjaro operators.
  • We also make sure our community benefit from tourism by share the profit with them to the communities which need help and from the project, we support in Moshi, With the help of our client, we have been able to support the disable children and contribute to the building of classes in schools.
  • With collaboration with KPAP, we have able to provide financial education to our Mountain Crew. In low season KPAP organizes the classes and provide the financial education to our crew on our to save, spend and invest their money.

Social sustainability

Tanzania is our home and we are dedicated to improving the social well being of our local people, the community as some of our tours operate in this community so we make sure the cultural our people are well preserved and respected

  • Developing ethical Fair treatments of Porters on Mount Kilimanjaro, in our leading role and partnership with KPAP, so that porters enjoy fair and transparent working conditions, fair treatment of them.
  • We employ Mountain Crew around our community in order to help them to take care of their family.
  • For every one client we get to climb Kilimanjaro or do the safari we make sure one child in Moshi gets health insurance for one year.

We are following the below standard for our porter.

  • Salaries must be paid within 2 days of the descent of a climb.
  • A transparent tipping procedure so porters receive the full tip amount intended for them (see Tipping Recommendations below).
  • Loads carried by the porter should not exceed 20 kg for the company excluding porter’s personal kit.
  • Porters are provided with three meals per day.
  • Porters have proper shelter conditions and sleeping equipment.
  • Porters are outfitted with the proper gear.
  • Sick or injured porters are properly cared for.
  • We take training, education and skills training seriously, and we are committed to developing leaders. Our mountain guides and top management are all trained and certified as Wilderness First Responders, and stand-out members of our communities. We are dedicated to developing responsible leaders and professionals.
  • Practicing cultural tourism with integrity – with our women-only group to climb Kilimanjaro (womenclimbkili) we have the program which we share traditional Maasai women culture in an authentic and respectful way and give benefits to these Maasai women communities we visit.

Environment sustainability

In all Eco-Africa Climbing operations, we continually strive to reduce our impacts, including the environmental impacts associated with our tours. We recognize that travel, especially road travel, has a direct impact on the environment. Transport energy consumption from our safari vehicles fuels and transfer transportation represents approximately 30% of our total CO2 emissions. At Eco-Africa Climbing we are committed to reducing the CO2 emissions while conducting our tours in Tanzania.

  • We provide Environmental education to our worker (guides, porters, cook and other staff), Our workers have been training by Leave No Trace Tanzania on how to take care of the environment on operating the tours.
  • We are a member of Carbon Offset Tanzania, so we offset the carbon for each trip done by our client whether is climb or safari and our client receive the Carbon offset Certificate.
  • On our Kilimanjaro Climb operation we are implementing the TRASH IN AND TRASH OUT practice as all the loads and garbage we take in the Mountain we make sure we take them out and leave the Mountain clean.
  • We are donating some of our profit to plant trees in Moshi, We have been working with several schools in Moshi, whereby we buy the trees and plant them in those school and those school help us to take care those tree as each student will be responsible to make sure the tree growth. We have started doing this since 2017 and some of our clients have been participating in this.

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