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Kilimanjaro Crater Camp

Kilimanjaro Crater Camp is a campsite near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, around 5750 meters above sea level. (Uhuru Peak is 5895 meters above sea level.)  Some climb operators utilize it during longer routes, usually via the Lemosho, Northern circuit, Machame route or Shira route.  Kilimanjaro Crater Camp lies in between Uhuru and the Furtwangler Glacier. Some climbers arouse the curiosity and interest to get the opportunity to sleep next to the disappearing glacier.

 Crater Camp is the most strange or unusual place you will ever experience; it is also a place whereby less than 5% of all the people who annually climb Kilimanjaro do not visit.Kilimanjaro crater camp experience is unforgettable for any climber with a higher level of fitness, and it allows acclimatizing well.The climber who doesn’t have a higher fitness level should forget it because sleeping at Kilimanjaro Crater Camp at such a high altitude is the dangerous thing you can perform on Mount Kilimanjaro climb. The night’s elevation is roughly  4572-4877 meters in altitude, whether you remained at Arrow Glacier or even Barafu. The central boarding for the Kilimanjaro Evacuation is the one-wheeled all-terrain stretcher used for speedy evacuation of climber sufferers from HAPE, HACE, hypothermia and descend them down the Mountain.

 Other forms of this dreaded Intense Mountain Sickness (AMS) impact many climbers to the elevation level.  It kills 0.1 per cent of climbers and porters annually over Africa freestanding  Mountain. Hence, many climbers who obtained insufficient measures during their challenging Mount Kilimanjaro climb or overestimated their capacities and regularly spent too much time in high elevation at Kilimanjaro Crater Camp.  However, if you’re well-prepared and backed up with highly experienced Mountain guides: if you’re warmly dressed and put in warm and solid tents throughout restless, embarrassing nighttime; the aggravation you may necessarily suffer will soon probably be reimbursed a hundredfold from the adventure of a mind-changing, entirely alien arena, completely unanticipated within Kilimanjaro mountain.

 You will be Shuffling through a red and black moonscape towards a fasciated glacier in the crater, the Furtwangler, like a frozen canebrake, as oddly out of place as icebergs on this sub-Sahara arctic desert. Skirting the next Reusch Crater and ghastly central ash pit having its yawning, sulfa fuming abyss, you will genuinely feel that the other entire planet menace of the abode was not meant the climber to go, not even on the climbing day trip to the Mountain Kilimanjaro.